Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Check on the Checklist!

Now you can definitely say I have "completed" something! It only took a few hours and all my kitchen items are now safely housed in cupboards, on cupboards...anywhere we could make them fit in my tiny kitchen. I realize now after putting away serving platter, after serving platter that I may have abused the scanner while registering. For example, I have 12 dessert dishes. Beautiful but there is no way we are fitting 12 people in this apartment; which begs the question, when will I ever use 12 dessert dishes? Jon says if I try to bring home another serving platter I will be in big trouble. Oops! In all fairness how was I supposed to know everyone would choose to give us serving dishes? I thought some wedding guests would choose serving dishes but others would choose other important pieces like silverware. I was so wrong. I have a cupboard full of serving pieces and a drawer with only one set of flatware.

So, with the cupboards full of dishes there is very little room for food. This is a problem since I love to cook and definitely need a spot to house ingredients. We have decided to tackle this problem by converting a portion of the walk-in-closet in the entryway into a pantry. I'm going to do this by purchasing Itso cubes from Target that I can customize to fit my space (pictures to follow).

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