Saturday, October 8, 2011

I have been sitting here looking at boxes for a couple hours now. There are a few sitting open and I feel progress has been made. Maybe not progress but the dinner plates have a home. I think I will write "find a home for dinner plates" on my to-do list than I can cross it off and voila! I have made progress.

Organization is the hurdle I have to overcome when I begin decorating. It is not my forte and definitely not a strength. Discovering your strengths and weaknesses is a really important step to completing any major project. So to compensate for my lack of organizational skills I enlisted the help of a dear friend. She should be here any minute with her brilliant organizational mind :)

Martha Stewert (despite her shortcomings) offers great tips on organizing that  are both creative and workable in small spaces. Here's her "tip for the day" on how to store boots.

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