Monday, October 10, 2011

Recovering and Updating Old Chairs

Chairs before makeover
There is a store open in Minneapolis called the Cottage House. The great and wonderful thing about this store is it sells fabulous old furniture for really cheap prices. What makes this store special is it is only open Wednesday through Sunday once a month. SO, you have to get there when it opens on Wednesay to get the best pick of all the great stuff. Jon and I decided to go and check it out the other day. We are an a hunt for a great dining room set that will fit nicely in our apartment and is a little unique (we don't absolutly love the traditional). We had no idea we would score on our first visit to te Cottage House!! As soon as we pulled up we spotted them, four, wrought iron chairs with a beautiful mustard faux leather back. They were prefect and only $14 a piece!!!! We couldn't say no!

The wrought iron on the chairs had at one time been spray painted white but the paint was chipping off. The seats on the chairs were covered in a black, linen-like fabric. Nither the white or the black fabric worked with the look we are going for in the living room. So, we picked up a can of spray paint at our local Home Depot in silver and Jon went to work.

After Makeover
While Jon spray painted I hunted around at Joann Fabric for some new fabric for the chairs. I knew it had to look good with the silver and the mustard backing. I finally found the perfect thing! The good news about shopping at Joann is that everything is usally on sale. If it's not on sale you can either sign up to receive their coupons in the mail (I think this is worth it because there are some great deals in there) or you can print them off online to use in store. A good source for Joann coupons is or When I got home I traced the seat cushion onto the back of my fabric making sure to add on 4in to all sides to cover the sides of the seat cushion. I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the seat cushion. As long as everything looks good on top, no one is going to see the bottom :) We are very pleased with the finished product!!!

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