Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finally a New Couch!!

After much debate and searching, Jon and I finally settled on a new couch for the living room. Because we don't have a lot of space we knew we wanted something a bit more streamlined and comtemporary. No overstuffed leather sofa for us! Being newly-wed we also knew we didn't want to have to pay a lot for the sofa. After all there are more pieces we would like to get for the living room besides a sofa :) Earlier in the week we found an entertainment set in a dark chocolate brown color at Ikea. While we were shopping at Ikea we came across the perfect sofa in a grey/white patterned fabric. The look was perfect! I was hesitant about purchasing a sofa from Ikea but Jon eventually won me over with the price (and after sitting on one for awhile in the store I realized they were quite comfortable.) What helps to make Ikea furniture so cheap is all the pieces are self-assembled. After the couch and the entertainment set Jon and I have spent some great time bonding over assembling instructions :) The great part is, the sofa is wide enough so if we remove the back cushions it makes up a twin bed. Perfect for a small, one bedroom apartment!

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